Jazz Personality/G Mentality

In life and in light, it is always darkest just before the dawn. Since the discontinuation of Kodalith chemistry and Oriental Seagull darkroom papers, I've struggled to attain the perfect print. The negative was always the custodian of the image and as such was never intended to be the means to an end. The goal was the immortalisation, on celluloid, of an icon of my time. It wasn't until I posted an #AALIYAH image on #Instagram several years ago that I felt my photography had found context again. I received direct messages from padowans who had printed my Aaliyah portraits in school and hung them on their bedroom walls. You can't imagine how deeply that resonated with me. Aaliyah honoured me with her time and her beauty and I've been privileged to be the guardian of this. I always wished I could print Aaliyah again, but using classic 90s paper and chemistry to retain the context and feel of those times.

By chance I discovered a limited supply of Kodalith and Oriental papers and with the construction of the Brightrooms I sourced a vintage 90s enlarger that had a cathomag light source. This combination of materials and resources along with hot summer nights of printing,  created the photographs that are available now. I crafted one Kodalith print which I scanned and made into a four colour silk screen. This created twenty prints on twenty t shirts. It could only be a limited collection.

With graphic engineering by CHILLCREATE I am proud to present a donated moment from the past.